Welcome to Miras Books

At MirasBooks we provide book recommendations, reviews and also bring to our readers free e-books made available by the authors.

Book Recommendations

These are books that are tailored towards targeted areas of life where you might be seeking knowledge. Our focus is Personal development and Spirituality.

Free Ebooks.

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This is a group of blocks in columns. Column layouts can be adapted to fit different needs.

Book Reviews.

Reviews of the individual books, that shows you what to expect, the main point of the book and the transformation to look forward too.

Get a quiet mind, Read a book.

Rebecca AYOOLA

It’s a wisdom year, immerse in it.

About Us

Hi, I am Rebecca fondly called Becca by most friends. I am a woman keen on personal transformation and development. I like to get better and since reading comes to me naturally I read a whole lot. And seeing how it has changed my life why not share with others.

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  • mirasconcept@gmail.com

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