Book Conversation with Chinazo Ike

Good day to you my lovely readers, how have you been since the last time we met? I have been having such a free time before I get fixed up again. It’s been a wonderful week filled with different reading spheres.

I have with me today a dear sister of mine, who challenges me and teaches me a lot through her presence online. She is an avid reader too and an ardent follower of God, you welcome sis can we meet you please?

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Yes its thank God its Friday and we are happy to bring to you another episode of Book conversations l hope you had a nice time reading the last episode. If not you can read it here.

So today l have an amazing sister here with me, she fascinates me so much with the way she does her things. Well let’s hear from her.


Book Conversations: Interview with Peace Olans

Hello everyone, thanks for all your love all the way, I appreciate you all.

Today, I welcome you all to the segment “bookconversations” it is a segment where we share books that have changed lives and is still changing lives over time. We know we have God inspired authors who God has raised to write books to help us in our growth as Christians.

First on this segment, I have with me a beloved sister and friend of mine in Christ, someone whose growth and passion in the things of the Lord is causing me to seek God more, let’s hear from the horses mouth herself.

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Book Review: Ablaze For God by Wesley L. Duewel

Ablaze for God
Author: Wesley L. Duewel
Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House
Genre: Christian Leadership.


After a lot of books have been written on leadership by various authors, I have not read a book on leadership so easy to read yet so enlightening, instructive, challenging and scripturally sound.

Written in seven perfect interwoven parts which I believe either part cannot do without the other. Wesley with scripture back ups, shows us to be that Christian and an effective leader that God has called us to be.

Our life aflame with the Holy fire, our power in the Holy Ghost, our love, the perfect love that His Spirit has shed abroad in our heart, our accountability as a shepherd, our prayer life, our anointing and integrity as a believer and our infilling in the Holy Ghost are cogents aspect that Wesley wrote about in the pages.

He left no stoned unturned, sometimes citing the examples of our Fathers in Faith who has lived exemplary lives. Leaders such as Duncan Campbell, Charles G. Finney and John Wesley.

Each part will open you up to important areas of your life where you need God to work on you, you will realise the aspect of your leadership that is lacking and how you can become a better version of yourself as you move through the pages. It is not just an ordinary book written by on of those Pastors. It is a manual that if you use prayerfully can change your life and ministry forever.


“Christian leadership demands our spiritual best, and more. To our best must be added His supernatural enabling touch”

“We must offer our best; then we look to God to add His Holy fire”

“We seek for something more than busyness; we seek an evidence that God uses us”

“He provides you gifts which you are to stir into flame. To fail to use them as God desires is to fail God and people”

“Our cooperation with the Spirit is essential to consistency of flowing ardor, spiritual radiance and flaming zeal”

“We are in constant danger of relying too exclusively upon our human efforts and wisdom”

“Purity pertains to living, power especially to service”

“The more you minister, the more you need your.power renewed, the busier you become, the more tou need spiritual refreshment and replenishing”


I had this book for over a year before I finally got to finish it, during one of those weeks my smartphone went on break. I usually wonder why I seem to drop it everytime I pick it up to read, I might have gone a little far,but then when next I pick it up I start all over again, funny right, as that ever happen to you with your books?

But still I am happy I read it when I did, it was such a reflective moment for me, I have my book coloured with highlighter marks and writings all over, although I am not in a high position of leadership as we might put it, but I realised it is not the effectiveness of our pastors alone that make the church, but like Wesley puts it, if we all as cleaners, ushers, choirs, youth leaders, children leaders, sunday school teachers, media and others will released ourselves to be baptized of fire by God. Our whole service and ministry will turn in a new dimension.

You all should know I love this book already and I recommend it for every Christian whether you serve in a small or large capacity.